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Weekend Rules

The rules for the games will be the following:

  • Team composition: minimum 7 players per team.
  • We require teams to have at least 2 female players, but we encourage 3 or more as we aim to play with 2 female players per team on the court. In the case somebody gets injured etc during the tournament we will look to find exceptions on the 2 girls on court rule, so do not hesitate to sign up even if you only have 2 female players!
  • Regular scoring (+2/+3) will apply with a bonus point when a girl scores (+3/+4)
  • Fouls:
    • no count of teams fouls and no free-throws but:
    • foul against a non-shooting player: ball possession
    • foul against a shooting but non-scoring player: ball possession and (+1) point
    • foul against a shooting and scoring player: regular score and (+1) point
  • In case of jump block from a guy on a girl: score (+3/+4). Standing blocks are allowed.
  • Each game will last about 20 minutes with a break at halftime.
  • Each team is expected to provide referees according to the planning, but you don’t need to have a refereeing license.
  • For the rest, regular FIBA rules apply.

And in order to have a nice and fun weekend, these basic rules will also apply:

  • No smoking inside the sport center/campus.
  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages before 13:00. 
  • Please clean up your own mess (especially after eating), and don’t leave your stuff everywhere.
  • Please be careful with all the equipment (Sport center and parties locations).
  • As the target of the tournament are students, the minimum age is 18 years with an exception for students of the HBO- or WO- (university) level.
  • Please pay attention to your personal belongings as we are not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings.