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Amélie is our French présidente and without doubt the most chatty member of our committee and member of the 69th board of Punch! She makes sure the meetings prior to the tournament will run smoothly. More importantly she is very excited for the upcoming tournament and she makes sure that we are aware of IT by letting us know multiple times per meeting :). So be sure to sign up for this year’s IT!! Amélie is a Bouwkunde student which means she knows how to ‘’bouw’’ a feestje ;).

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Milou is the name of the most famous Belgian cartoon’s dog but more importantly, it is the name of our secretary! She takes care of all the stuff that seems kind of boring at first, but that will allow you to have the most fun during this weekend! Whatever we say at the meeting, she notes it and slides a ‘hidden word’ we will spend too much time looking for, so we don’t get a ‘turfje’ next time. Other than that if you see her at the tournament or at the parties, don’t hesitate to go talk to her, she will always smile and be nice with you!

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Our treasurer is indeed a treasure and it’s none other than Jorn aka ‘Hertog Jorn’. Besides being very sportive and playing a lot of basketball in H6 Jorn is definitely not averse to a ‘goud gele rakker’ and you will definitely see him partying at the IT 2022 parties. Another fun fact about Jorn is that from the committee he might be the one that gets the closest to a time travel formula, since he’s an outstanding Aerospace Engineering student.

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Web Designer

Hashim is the mastermind of this website. Thanks to him we have a great website that is incomparable to others. You will have access to all the information about the tournament, buy tickets but also contact us if you have any questions. We hope you are going to travel safely with us in time thanks to this website.

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Jacco, the man with the perfect height for playing basketball, has set some priorities: being responsible for the PARTIES at the IT. He will make sure that you can’t resist staying at the parties, with all the surprises he has in mind. So when you see him at one of the parties, make sure you have a drink with him, to check whether he still knows in which time period he lives.

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Robin is our second Frenchman in the commission. Although they don't have the opportunity to speak French together, we all enjoy their wonderful French accents. Robin is our game planner. Thanks to him, you will be able to play for a whole weekend non-stop. He has also prepared different contest to keep you active even when you are not playing. He also has a big surprise for you on Saturday night. But we are not going to tell you all about it yet. Just be ready. Make sure to take a listen to his phenomenal french accent if you see him at a party.

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Graphic Designer

From timeless logo’s to time-shattering posters, Beau Dessens is here to take care of all of our designer needs. Despite Beau joining our team a bit later than most, as our publicity guy and graphic designer his creative insights and invaluable input make him an irreplaceable member of our team! Despite often being found on the playing field or in the gym, Beau definitely likes to get his fun on, so try to find him at the parties, and if you’re lucky he might design a drink that’ll make you travel through time.